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Order: +90 535 888 17 08

Oslo: +47 99 33 41 31

Paris: +33 78 28 78 190

PB. 2600 Solli, 0203 Oslo, Norway

Viking Jeans is a patented line of clothing, designed in Norway. Our slogan “The best or nothing” shows that we aim for perfection, with the highest quality of luxury products, at a reasonable price. Because of this exclusivity, many of our products are in a limited edition and marked with a unique serial number registered in our database. That is why lost items returns to the registered owner as soon as we trace them.

Our goal is to give our customers products they can wear for many years with pride. Our products are rough, so that they can endure extensive wear and are meant to be used in an active lifestyle. Viking has a model for everyone!

Here at Viking Jeans, we have three primary goals: practicality, quality and appearance. That is why our clothes are made of quality fabric that will last throughout the years, with practical details, which make the clothes more comfortable, following the latest fashion. Our clothes are made of materials with the newest technology, so that the products either are waterproof, breathable or are lightweight. That is the reason why they can resist to the wear and tear that they are confronted to.

We put a great importance in the ethic and environmental side of our production. This can only be achieved by reviewing, controlling and quality proofing all stages of the production. We make sure that our materials are environment friendly and that all our employees have good working conditions that protect their freedom, no matter where they are working in Viking Jeans.

Our commitment to deliver products with the highest quality allows us to give a three months guarantee on our entire collection, on both the materials and the handwork. Our warranty applies to all products purchased at regular price. This is because we are confident that our products will withstand rough use, year after year.

Our customer’s opinion is very important to us, because the feedback we get allows us to improve our products even further, which are not only crucial for our success, but also neglected in bigger international companies.

All suggestions and complaints can be sent directly to our head office in Paris or Oslo.

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